The workings of Katrineholm municipality

Working, photo: Johan Nygren

We are all a part of the municipality

Katrineholm municipality is everybody who lives and works here, not only those employed or who play an active part in local politics.

As residents we all pave the way for development when we elect politicians for the coming mandate period. We have the opportunity to influence things through our commitment. We also have the right to make demands on the council to manage the tasks that they are legally obliged to carry out.

As elected officials we bear the responsibility for managing the municipality’s resources in the best possible way.

As employees we bear the responsibility for ensuring that political decisions are carried through along with the practical work in schools, elderly care, refuse collecting and other areas for which the council has responsibility. 

You have the right to an insight

You have the right to an insight into the work of the council. This is laid down in the right of free access principle as laid down in the Freedom of the Press Act. All Swedish and non-Swedish citizens have the right to read the documentation at our public bodies and authorities. Authorities include all municipal committees or boards, municipal companies and administrations that come under respective committee or board.

The minutes from meetings with the municipal council and boards are also made public. Most minutes are published on the municipal website.

Decisions can be appealed against

If you consider a decision to be in breach of the law you have the possibility to appeal. All local residents have the right to appeal against certain all-inclusive decisions. Appeals must be in writing and be delivered to the County Administrative Court within three weeks from the signed minutes being put on the notice board at the Gröna Kulle Town Hall.

Some decisions may concern a private individual and are then based on an application from said individual. Any such decision can only be appealed against by the individual in question. Appeals are made to the County Administrative Board but are sent to the Municipal Board that made the decision. This is to give the board a chance to reverse their decision. Appeals must arrive within three weeks of the decision being made.

The Municipal Council

Fifty-one councillors are elected onto the highest decision-making body at general elections every fourth year. The Municipal Council then elect members to sit on the Municipal Board and the various other boards.

The Municipal Council decides on all general issues such as goals and guidelines for municipal activities, budget and taxes.

As a rule, the Municipal Council meets on the third Monday of each month. Anyone can come and listen. Time and venue are advertised in the local press and on the council website. Debates are also broadcast live on local radio on 92.0 MHz or at this website.

Meetings documentation is published in advance on the municipal website along with the minutes of all meetings that have taken place in the past year. Documentation can also be fetched from the Town Hall Gröna Kulle.

The seats for the 2006-2010 mandate period are as follows:

  • The Social Democratic Party 26 seats
  • The Moderates 8 seats
  • The Liberal Party 7 seats
  • The Centre Party 4 seats
  • The Christian Democratic Party 2 seats
  • The Green Party 2 seats
  • The Left Party 2 seats

Public question time

Each council meeting is preceded by public question time when local residents have the chance to put questions to the council. Questions must be left in writing by 12 noon at the latest on the Thursday prior to the meeting. You can leave them at Gröna Kulle or email them to 

The Municipal Executive Board

The Municipal Executive Board is the motor in the municipal machinery. It has 15 ordinary members. The task of the Municipal Executive Board is to lead and coordinate the municipal administration. All the issues for the Municipal Council are prepared here. The Municipal Executive Board draws up the annual budget proposal.

The Municipal Executive Board is responsible for ensuring that all the municipal council decisions are followed through. The Municipal Executive Board is also responsible for the council’s financial administration, the strategic developments and the overall special planning, and for staff policy.


Some issues go directly to one of the committees. Katrineholm municipality has ten committees that are each responsible for a specific area. Each council decides the type of political organisation it wishes to build up. Only the Municipal Executive Board and Election Committee are compulsory. The Election Committee is responsible for the general election every fourth year.

The majority of municipal politicians work voluntarily. This means that they have other jobs besides their political assignments. Council officials, on the other hand, are employed in the various municipal administrations.

Committees in Katrineholm municipality:

  • Education Committee
  • Planning and Building Committee
  • Municipal Executive Board
  • Culture and Tourism Committee.
  • Environmental Health Committee
  • Services and Technology Committee
  • Social Welfare Committee
  • Election Committee
  • Viadidakt Committee
  • Health Care Committee


Two administrations come under the Municipal Executive Board and one under the other committees, excluding the Election Committee. This is where most of the council’s 3,000 strong workforce is to be found. The administrations is where most of the practical work is carried out. People who work in the administrations have the task of implementing the decisions taken by the committees, Municipal Executive Board and Municipal Council. 

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