A social safety net

At the Social Services you can get help. It could concern financial problems, children and teenagers with problems, family support, drug and alcohol abuse, debt restructuring, budgeting advice, relationships and family law issues. All activities come under the Swedish Secrecy Act.

Children, young people and families

Social Services has special responsibility for ensuring that children and young people grow up in a safe and secure environment. The general aim is for everyone, as far as possible, to be offered help in their home surroundings and own social networks. Children’s needs always come first

Family Law Unit

This unit offers parents counselling on issues surrounding custody, housing and visiting rights, etc. It is also involved in adoptions and paternity issues, and conducts investigations into custody, housing and visiting rights issues.

Family support Unit

The Family Support Unit provides support to families in crisis and children in need, in order to strengthen families and help children remain within their own family units. In doing so, they use different approaches adapted to the needs of each family.

Support to women and children subjected to domestic violence

It can be very difficult to get a grasp of your situation when you are on the receiving end. For this purpose, Social Services has set up a support service for those who are subjected to domestic violence. We call it Frida.

Support to men who subject others to violence

We offer a men’s counselling service. You do not need to be alone with your anxieties over hurting somebody, what you should have done instead and what you can and should do now. You should not need to use violence again.

Young People’s Counselling Centre

The Youth Counselling Centre offers counselling to young people. At the centre, there are counsellors, midwives and doctors. We answer your questions about the body, relationships, life issues, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, abortion and much more. You can ask about almost everything. No question is too big or too small for us to answer. 

Parent helpline

On Tuesdays between 5pm and 6pm parents are welcome to phone our welfare officer for advice, information and support in your parent role. You can remain anonymous if you so wish.

Alcohol and drug abuse, Mercur and Basic

Do alcohol and drugs cause you problems? There is help to be had at Mercur and Basic. Mercur and Basic counsel adults and young people on alcohol and drug issues. Relatives are also offered support. Mercur and Basic also work preventatively through alcohol and drug outreach in schools and workplaces.


When a person under 21 commits a crime to which they admit they are offered mediation. Mediation entails the perpetrator and victim meeting to discuss that which occurred.


The Crossroads is a structured victim impact panel that prevents young people with a criminal behaviour from developing a lasting criminality and to reduce the risk of repeated criminality. The target group is young people between the ages of 15 and 18 who come under the wing of the Youth Welfare Service.

Social assistance

Everybody living in Katrineholm municipality are entitled to basic social security, which means that anyone who are unable to provide for themselves and their family are entitled to social assistance (formerly known as social benefit). As the assistance is means-tested, an economic investigation is carried out on the first visit. Applicants must have tried to support themselves in all other ways possible. Social Services publishs a brochure on what the assistance covers and how to apply.

Budget and dept counselling

Are your finances out of control? Our Budget and Dept Counsellor will help you find a way out of your predicament. They can see possibilities that you probably overlook. Counselling is free of charge.

Licence to serve alcoholic beverages

You turn to Social Services if you wish to apply for a licence to serve alcoholic beverages.

Social Services

Visiting address: Drottninggatan 21
Phone: +46 150-575 10
email: socialforvaltningen@katrineholm.se

Family law Unit

Visiting address: Drottninggatan 21
Phone: +46 150-575 10

Family Unit

Visiting address: Friggagatan 5
Phone: +46 150-575 88


Visiting address: Friggagatan 5
Phone: +46 150-575 26

Men’s Counselling Centre

Visiting address: Friggagatan 5
Phone: +46 150-48 80 74

Young People’s Counselling Centre

Visiting address: Oppundavägen 62
Phone: +46 150-572 89 Welfare Officer
Phone: +46 150-572 88 Midwife
It is best to phone between 8 and 9:30am

Basic Open Care (young people)

Visiting address: Friggagatan 5
Phone: +46 150-568 41

Mercur (adults)

Visiting address: Friggagatan 5
Phone: +46 150-576 94


Phone: +46 150 48 80 74


Phone: +46 150-575 10

Postadress: 641 80 Katrineholm
Telefon: 0150-570 00
Växel: 0150-570 00
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