A good life tailored to the needs of the individual

For Katrineholm municipality it is vital that the elderly and disabled are guaranteed a safe and secure life. All inhabitants should be able to live a good life tailored to their needs.

Elderly care

The basic goal of municipal elderly care provision is to give the elderly the chance of an independent and meaningful life in community with others. This means that as far as possible the elderly should be able to stay in their own homes and receive the care and attention they require. The home help and nursing services should also be able to provide qualified assistance in the home. Primary health care and hospitals collaborate to give the individual the right help based on a holistic approach.

Short-stay accommodation, palliative care, rehabilitation, daytime activities, food delivery, transportation service and home equipment all help to guarantee a good life for the elderly. If, despite all this help, an individual cannot remain in their own home then the possibility exists to move to one of the council’s special accommodations.

Katrineholm has ten special accommodations for the elderly with 325 apartments. These are spread around the town and adjoining communities Valla, Sköldinge, Björkvik and Julita. 
For people with dementia there are specially adapted accommodations with 124 apartments.
There are also just 110 service apartments in the municipality. Five of these are reserved for younger people with disabilities (mars 2015).

Disabled care

Disabled care helps people with disabilities to live an active life and to play a part in their local communities. This involves helping with the daily chores, leisure activities, group accommodation or direct help in the home.

The council is responsible for ensuring that people with disabilities and their relatives receive the help they require. Disability must not deprive people of playing an active part in society.

Health and Social Welfare Administration

Phone reception: +46 150-568 11
Email: mailto:vard.omsorg@katrineholm.se
Visiting address: Upplandsgatan 2

The Direct telephone lines is open for everyone that wants to know more about elderly or disabled care. We help you find the right person to talk to.

Elderly Care Direct

Phone: +46 150-48 80 30

Disabled care Direct

Phone: +46 150-48 80 10

Telephone time Monday to Friday 9am to 12 noon and 1:30pm to 4pm

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