Beautiful sights and surroundings

Julita, Sweden’s Museum of Agriculture, photo: Peter Segemark

Sörmland County is renowned for its beautiful countryside and Katrineholm for its many gardens. There is an endless choice of things to see and do. Meet the tide of history on Stora Djulö, botanise among garden art in Broderi Gardens or take the family on an excursion to the Julita Open Air Museum.

Castles and mansions

Ericsberg Castle, Stora Malm

This is one of the most distinguished baroque palaces in Sweden with one of the country’s largest estates. The palace gardens are made up several parts, notably the Baroque Park and the Landscaped Park. It also boasts one of Sweden’s largest hedge mazes. The palace gardens are open daily with guided tours.

Stora Djulö Manor House, Katrineholm

A manor that dates back to the Middle Ages. The early 18th century manor building perches beautifully on the banks of Lake Djulö. The old kitchen has a lakeside open air café. The park boasts a considerable apple orchard and a small baroque style perennial garden.


Broderi Gardens and the City Park (Stadsparken), Katrineholm

The Broderi Gardens nestle up to the Town Hall, Gröna Kulle. The gardens are extremely popular among garden enthusiasts throughout the country. Every year the Broderi Garden’s carpet bedding group plant around 5,000 plants. In the summer you can enjoy entertainment and an outdoor cinema in the City Park right next door to Broderi Gardens. The park is an array of colours from late spring, with rhododendron bushes and azalea groups, through to autumn. Take a cup of coffee in the open air café in the park or enjoy a nice picnic.

Bie Brunnspark, Bie

In the mid 19th century Bie was a renowned health resort. The old park has two restored pavilions and beautiful walking trails.


Floda Church, Flodafors

Floda Church is one of the country’s largest provincial churches. It contains beautiful arch paintings by the famous artist Albertus Pictor. Kaggska Chapel is built in Baroque style. In the 1880s the church was given its present appearance when the 67-metre tall spire was added.

Björkvik Church Ruins, Björkvik

On Walpurgis Night 1869, Björkvik Church on the banks of Lake Yngaren was laid waste by a fire. The Church Ruins today form a beautiful backdrop to summer church services.

Other sights

Julita, Sweden’s Museum of Agriculture

Julita was once a medieval monastry. In the 20th century, the last private owner Lieutenant Arthur Bäckström turned it into an open air museum. Julita is today owned by the Nordic Museum in Stockholm. The Manor House is the main attraction at Julita. The 2007 Chef of the Year, Tommy Myllymäki, cooks the food at the Inn.

Other attractions include an interior design  museum with collection objects, a rose and herb garden, a gene bank for apples, pears, hops, peonies and rhubarb, a dairy museum, a firefighting museum, a brickworks, Skansen cottages, a kitchen, garden office, a wagon shed, an exhibition barn, room hire, a café, a souvenir shop and walking trails. In the pens around the area are native breeds of ducks, rabbits, hens, sheep, pigs and cows all meriting protection.

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