Sport and leisure

Boy resting on a football, photo: Lena Hammarbäck

In Katrineholm we regard recreation and outdoor life as one and the same thing. Excellent rambling and canoe trails are just around the corner. The many lakes offer a cool dip in the summer and excellent skating ice in the winter. Katrineholm’s Sports Centre is a complete facility where you can play bandy and football or take a dip in the swimming pool.

Katrineholm’s Sports Centre

The largest facility in the municipality consisting of:

  • Duveholmshallen, one of the largest indoor facilities in the country boasting 13 sports halls, swimming pool, privately owned gym (Nautilus), bowling and archery all under one roof.
  • Backavallen, with football, bandy, ice hockey and athletics. There is a skating rink and a heated synthetic grass pitch for use all-year-round.
  • Tennis courts.
  • Sportcentrum logi and Ekbacken offer overnight accommodation near the Sports Centre.

Golf, horse riding and skiing

Jättorp’s golf course is modern and challenging. The course has 18+9 holes and nestles beautifully in the billowing Sörmland landscape. There are riding clubs, riding camps and competitions for horse riders and others with an interest in horses. The many illuminated tracks are excellent for jogging and walks, and even cross country skiing in wintertime. Spökbacken at Lake Forssjö has downhill ski slopes.

Djulö recreational area

Djulö recreational area is a popular excursion spot a few kilometres south of Katrineholm. It boasts an outdoor bathing spot, a campsite, canoe instruction, mini golf, a youth hostel, a folk museum and a 4H farm. Refreshments are served in the Manor House. Djulö arranges a folk song festival, a summer theatre and canoe regattas.

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