Två tjejer spelar fotboll, konstverket Malanganerna och två tjejer ler

Culture and leisure

In Katrineholm you will find a rich combination of culture, sports, outdoor recreation and countryside delights.

  • The Ängeln Arts Centre

    We recommend you to visit the culture center Ängeln which includes a library, an art gallery and a café. Ängeln also offers lots of activities, both for adults and children.
    The Ängeln Arts Centre
  • Sport and leisure

    Katrineholm’s Sports Centre is a complete facility where you can play bandy and football or take a dip in the swimming pool.
    Sport and leisure
  • Youth centre Perrongen

    Teenagers in Katrineholm have their own house to visit, the youth culture center Perrongen. They offer lots of activities, most of them arranged by other youths.
    Youth centre Perrongen
  • Beautiful sights and surroundings

    Sörmland County is renowned for its beautiful countryside and Katrineholm for its many gardens. There is an endless choice of things to see and do.
    Beautiful sights and surroundings