Technical Services

Streetslights in the evening, photo: Johan Nygren

Any society must have a functioning road infrastructure, water supply and cleansing and waste management. It also needs a power supply and emergency services for accidents, etc. We call all this Technical Services.

Streets and traffic

Technical Services and Administration plan and maintain roads, pavements and cycle routes through the built up areas of the municipality. They are also responsible for street lighting and parking, and make decisions on local traffic regulations, exemptions and disability permits.

The administration has put a great deal of effort into traffic safety in recent years. They also work hard to beautify the town landscape. The Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket) is responsible for the thoroughfares in central Katrineholm and the other built up areas.

Cleaning of pavements

Property owners in areas with a detailed development plan are responsible for cleaning, snow clearance and skid prevention on the pavement adjacent to their property. This also includes weeding, brushing up and removing litter.


Katrineholm has an extensive district heating network. Katrineholm Energi AB (KEAB), owned by Tekniska Verken i Linköping AB, produces and distributes district heating to large parts of the property stock in central Katrineholm, and even parts of Valla. The company also distributes electrical power and sells electricity through its partnership in power company Östkraft AB.

The municipality provides energy and climate advice. Contact the Environmental Administration, phone +46 150-576 60.


KEAB’s subsidiary Utsikt Katrineholm AB is responsible for the local broadband network in the Katrineholm region. Roughly 90 per cent of households in Katrineholm have access to a broadband connection.  

Water & wastewater

Clean water is our most vital food product. The water that becomes drinking water in Katrineholm comes from Lake Viren. The lake water is purified at Kerstinboda waterworks and slightly chlorinated before being pumped into the municipal water pipes. Through transmission pipelines, Kerstinboda also supplies communities like Floda, Sköldinge, Strångsjö, Strängstorp and Valla with drinking water. Bie, Björkvik and Julita have their own municipal waterworks.

Wastewater from households, farms, industries etc., is purified in the Rosenholm municipal cleansing plant.

The Rosenholm plant takes care of the wastewater and also ensures that we are supplied with drinking water. Environment, safety and hygiene are three vital areas. We collaborate with Flen and Vingåker for a more cost-effective operation. A joint company, Sörmland Vatten och Avfall AB, today manages the municipality’s water and wastewater operations.

Cleaning and recycling

The Service and Technical Administration manages the cleaning of public places while Sörmland Vatten och Avfall AB (SVAAB), on assignment of the council, takes care of refuse collection, recycling and combustion of sorted refuse from companies and households in the Katrineholm area. SVAAB also manages latrine emptying and slurry removal at private properties.

Vika Miljö AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Katrineholm Energi AB and runs the Vika recycling centre, located on the exit road to Eskilstuna. Households can leave waste for sorting or recycling free of charge. The recycling centre also accepts hazardous waste. 

Vika Recycling Centre
Phone: +46 150-579 52

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm
Wednesday evening  4pm to 7pm

Emergency Services

The Emergency Services in Katrineholm municipality are managed by Västra Sörmlands Räddningstjänst, a municipal federation between Katrineholm and Vingåker municipalities.

The most important task of the Emergency Services is to prevent accidents occurring. When fires or other accidents occur, the Emergency Services must rapidly and effectively limit the consequences and take care of any injured parties.

Chimney sweeping and fire prevention control

The council is responsible for chimney sweeping and fire prevention control of fireplaces and flues etc. in properties. This is sub-contracted to Näckrossotarn AB.  

Technical Services and Administration

Visiting address: Trädgårdsgatan 1
Phone: +46 150-571 81

Katrineholm Energi AB

Visiting address Djulögatan 17
Phone +46 150-579 00

Vika Miljö AB

Phone: +46 150-579 90

Sörmland Vatten och Avfall AB

Phone: +46 150-800 100

Västra Sörmlands Räddningstjänst

Phone: +46 150-576 50, emergency number: 112

Service- och teknikförvaltningen
Postadress: 641 80 Katrineholm
Växel: 0150-570 00
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