One with Nature

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Health and environment is all about living in harmony with nature, thinking in terms of long-term sustainability and realising that the choices we make as individuals have an impact and help bring about change. Cycling to work buying locally produced food it is the first crucial step towards sustainable development for us all.

Our environmental work

Katrineholm municipality began formulating an environmental strategy as far back as the early 1990s. When it was adopted it was regarded as being pioneering. The starting point was for the municipality to become a role model in environmental responsibility and for environmental issues to become fundamental in all decision-making processes. Today all departments have a responsibility for minimising the municipality’s environmental impact.

Our environmental work concerns everybody who lives and works in the municipality and embraces the air we breath, the water we drink, the nature that beautifies our county and the animals that give it life. We strive to give our residents a good living environment. By not exposing the environment to damaging impact we create the conditions for long-term sustainable development.

Working areas

Through inspections, advice and outreach, our Environmental Administration ensures that laws and directives are followed. Their task is to ensure that society moves in the right direction in line with the Swedish Environmental Code and Food Act.

Public health

The Environmental Administration registers and investigates complaints relating to problems that affect public health, such as bad air, damp and mould damage, poor hygiene in public premises and high noise levels.

Environmental protection

Through inspections and supervision, the Environmental Administration monitors companies and private property owners to ensure they do not exceed the permitted limit values. We assess, issue permits and put demands on those wishing to start a new business that could impact the environment.

Animal welfare

The County Administrative Board has ultimate responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Swedish Animal Welfare Act. If you have an animal welfare issue you can turn to the County Administrative Board in Södermanland County, phone +46 155-26 40 00 (switchboard).


If food and water is handled wrongly the consequences could be dire. During inspections at food stores and restaurants we check hygiene, date marking and storage areas along with the internal control mechanisms used by the company. We also investigate complaints relating to the wrong handling of foodstuffs and inspect plants that delivery water to a lot of people.

Energy and climate advice

Energy saving is not only beneficial for household budgets but also saves on public resources. It does not have to be difficult, time-consuming or problematic. Our climate and energy office will advise you on how to reduce your energy costs and climate impact, and inform you as to the technical solutions available. 

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