Upper Secondary Schools offering greater freedom of choice

Katrineholm has a long tradition in the educational field. A technical college was established here as far back as the early 20th century and the tradition has been further enhanced with three municipal upper secondary schools offering a variety of different programmes.

Upper Secondary Programmes

The Upper Secondary Schools offer fifteen national programmes, specially designed local programmes and individual programmes for students with special learning needs.

All national programmes, as well as the local programmes, qualify for university admission. The vocational programmes offer a good chance of finding a profession on completion. All our upper secondary schools have apprenticeship schemes.

Within the framework of individual courses, students are offered local upper secondary education in several different sports, music or dance.

Duveholm’s Upper Secondary School

Duveholm is the largest upper secondary school in the Katrineholm region with roughly 1,000 students. The school has the following programmes:

  • Child and Recreation Programme
  • Construction Programme
  • Building Technologies
  • Arts Programme
  • Vehicle Programme
  • Handicraft Programme
  • Individual Programmes
  • Industry Programme
  • Media Programme
  • Natural Science Programme
  • Production and Events
  • Social Science Programme

The upper secondary school for individuals with learning disabilities is designed to help those who cannot attend traditional school. One of its most important tasks is to equip the students with the knowledge and awareness required to influence their own situation and their relationships to others.

Linden Upper Secondary School

The Linden Upper Secondary School is centrally located and has roughly 470 students. The school works in close harmony with the local business sector and is thus under constant development. Linden specialises in vocational and technical programmes:

  • Electricity Programme
  • Energy Programme
  • Business and Administration Programme
  • Hotel and Restaurant Programme
  • Technology Programme

Ellwynska School

Ellwynska is a small upper secondary school with a Health Care Programme for around 160 students. We also offer adult students short courses within the health care field. The school works in close cooperation with local employers.

Local Sports and Arts Upper Secondary programmes

Katrineholm upper secondary education offers a sports programme that includes bandy, basketball, football, equestrian sports and ice hockey. Admission is in collaboration with local sports associations.

Students can train and compete during school hours. Sport takes the place of individual choice. Students can study at any of Katrineholm’s upper secondary schools and still attend a local upper secondary sports programme.

The Arts Upper Secondary School works in much the same way but collaborates with the municipal arts school and non-profit organisations. Individual choice here is dance and music.

Visiting address Drottninggatan 19
Phone: +46 150-572 70
Email: bildningsforvaltningen@katrineholm.se

Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm
Closed for lunch 12 noon to 1pm.

Director of Administration
Phone: +46 150-572 64

Duveholm’s Upper Secondary School

Visiting address: Västgötagatan 31
Phone: +46 150-574 30
Email: duveholmsgymnasiet@katrineholm.se

Upper secondary for learning disabilities

Phone: +46 150-574 88

Linden Upper Secondary School

Visiting address: Kungsgatan 4
Phone: +46 150-577 01
Email: lindengymnasiet@katrineholm.se

Ellwynska School

Visiting address: Trädgårdsgatan 21
Phone: +46 150-569 91
Email: ellwynskaskolan@katrineholm.se

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