A Peaceful and Stimulating School Milieu

A girl drawing, photo: Johan Nygren

Katrineholm municipality has schools in the main town Katrineholm and nine rural schools. The rural schools are all small and intimate. The schools in the town are adjacent to parks and green areas. There are pre-schools dotted around the municipality. Parents who work or study are entitled to a place when their children are one year old. Parents who are actively seeking work or are on parental leave are entitled to 15 hours a week.

Children and youth 1-16 years of age

One of the aims of pre-school and school is to create a secure environment for learning and social intercourse, a prerequisite for lifelong learning. We invest a great deal in broadening our educational activities, both in pre-school and school. We strive to create a healthy and values-based school environment.

The majority of our teachers are fully qualified and we are seeking to further increase the proportion of university trained staff.

Media is a vital area for us We offer a learning environment with modern technology and provide professional development for heads, teachers and students alike. All activities relating to IT and media take place in the Mediateket.


We provide pre-school activities in pre-schools and family day-care homes. Pre-school is cost-free for 4-5 year-olds. Open pre-school is run by the Church.

Compulsory school

In the lower year of compulsory school, pre-school classes and school-age child care collaborate within the framework of what we call a comprehensive school. The children are offered teaching activities all day long. School-age child care is part of the comprehensive school for children between six and 12. Compulsory school’s latter years comprise of school years 7–9.

Education for pupils with learning disabilities

Pupils with learning disabilities who cannot attend traditional classes instead attend compulsory classes for children with learning disabilities or severe learning disabilities. Strandskolan is a special school for pupils diagnosed as having autism.

The School of Performing Arts

The School of Performing Arts has a broad and varied curriculum with the aim of developing an active interest in the performing arts among the children and youth of Katrineholm’s municipality.

The school offers instruction in music, dance, art and drama an reaches out to all children in the municipality through performances, art projects, professional development for pre-school and compulsory school teachers, teachers assisting with the classes, etc. 

Facts, pre-school and compulsory school

We have roughly 1,500 children in pre-school and 3,600 in school years 0-9.

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Opening hours
Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm
Closed for lunch 12 noon to 1pm.

Director of Administration 
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