Trade and Industrial Growth

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A new Katrineholm is taking shape

Katrineholm is a municipality undergoing change. We are purposely transforming from an industrial community along a railway line into a residential and commercial centre in the close proximity of Stockholm. Several large companies are already established here and the number of small and medium-sized companies are increasing by the day. 

The small town benefits, the close proximity to larger towns and the excellent communications is attracting more and more companies to establish in the municipality. Katrineholm’s strategic location is being developed and put to good use. The combination of main line railway and national road network offers excellent development opportunities. The municipality has land earmarked for commercial development and housing.

The Katrineholm Logistics Centre

The largest commercial development since Katrineholm became a town is under construction,  a new environmentally sustainable, transport, storage and logistics centre is under construction. The development area comprises of roughly 100 hectares. Katrineholm is where the west and south main lines meet and national highways 52, 55, 56 and 57. Its strategic location puts the town in the hub of the large goods flows in Sweden, offering effective, environmental and economically sustainable transport, storage and logistics solutions. A third of Sweden’s population live within a 100 kilometre radius.

The construction of the Katrineholm Logistics Centre is in three stages. The scheme includes two loading and unloading terminals, offering efficient goods storage and handling, and a rail link to Gothenburg port. As well as the significant environmental benefits, the scheme also ensures lower transport costs and more flexible logistics solutions for companies.

Gothenburg port and Katrineholm municipality have agreed to operate the Katrineholm Logistics Centre as if it were a part of the port. In order for the increased goods transport to function satisfactorily, Gothenburg port will develop a new network of inland terminals fully integrated with the port’s goods management system (Rail Ports). The customer will then be offered not only storage and unloading, but also secure storing and customs management.

Research and Development

Katrineholm municipality invests a great deal in applied research and development, working in close collaboration with universities and colleges. Several research centres have emerged from this initiative, including Brains and Bricks (B²), who focus on high tech constructions, and NovaMedTech, who provide medical technology solutions within distributed care.

Katrineholm is home to IUC Sveriges Energi- och Kylcentrum, the first full-scale testing and research laboratory within the cooling and heat pump fields. In collaboration with the municipality and the Royal Technical College, the IUC (installation engineers’ training centre) have built this laboratory directly adjacent to the cooling, heating and energy training facility. This enables the sector to test new products and technologies in extreme conditions. Special technology has been applied at the municipal arenas, bandy rink and synthetic grass pitches that effectively utilises heating and cooling. The IUC is an educational and training company that provides professional development to, and is a recruitment base for, the installation sector. This embraces basic occupational training as well as advanced and further education and certification within technology and leadership. The IUC offers courses in electricity, cooling, energy, and plumbing, heating and ventilation. 

Enterprise and Growth at the Business Centre

The hub of the municipality’s investment in local enterprise is the Department of Enterprise and Growth in collaboration with Business Centre actors. We guide new and established companies, set up networks and provide meeting places for entrepreneurs.

The Department of Enterprise and Growth is a part of Katrineholm municipality’s local Business Centre. The Business Centre brings together both private and public sector actors. We provide services that facilitate for new businesses and enterprises.

Examples of projects implemented through the Department of Enterprise and Growth:

  • The Katrineholm Logistics Centre 
  • KEC/Innovation Office
  • NovaMedTech, medical technology
  • Brains and Bricks (B²), research centre for high tech construction
  • To establish business relationships with Russia within commerce and research. A project in collaboration with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and SALA IDA.
  • To establish business relationships with Tanzania within alternative energy sources, environment and road construction. A project in collaboration with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and SALA IDA.
  • The Swedish Chilean Business Centre (SCBC)
  • CLEAN Export Mälardalen (EU project)

Department of Enterprise and Growth

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