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The Ellwynska School is a small, charming upper secondary school where contemporary style meets early twentieth-century elegance. Over 200 students study the Health Care Programme here.

Integration with working life is a cornerstone of the programme, and our students spend a significant part of their time with us getting practical experience in a workplace. After having completed studies at the Health Care Programme, students can either proceed to university or start a career within the field. Careers within the care and health care sectors which have the Health Care Programme as their base include nursing, physiotherapy, law enforcement, the emergency services and teaching.
We aim to prepare our students well for working life and higher education, contributing to their personal development and encouraging students to take responsibility for their own work. In order to achieve this, studies are adapted to the student’s own experiences, possibilities and areas of interest, and all students are given the opportunity of gaining teaching experience. It is important to us that our students experience a good working environment and that they have the opportunity to influence their studies.

 For further information please contact us by mail: or phone 0150-569 93.

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